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A Suite of Insurance Solutions

to help you cover co-payments, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

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Cancer & Heart Attack Insurance

Cancer, Heart Attack And Stroke Insurance helps pay cash benefits directly to you and pays regardless of any othe rinsurance coverage you may have should you or covered family memebr be diagnosed with cancer or suffer a heart attack or have stroke.

Accident & Disability Insurance

Critical Illness and accidents policies help alleviate potential financial stressors by paying cash benefits paid directly to you and can be used to help cover co-pays and deductibles, pay for surgeries, supplement your lost income, provide cash for mortgage payments & travel to medical facilities.

Hospital Confinement and Indemnity Insurance

These polcies are designed to fill some of the co-payments, deductible or coverage limits of today's traditioanl health insurance. Cash benefits are paid directly to you to cover hospital confinement, ambulance trips and skilled nursing expenses, to name a few. 

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